Registration Form

You need to register before October 10th 2018 to the lunches and the banquet if you want to participate to these events. The registration form is available here. In case you don’t want to reserve your lunches, please note that the Faculty’s café will be open on Thursday October 18th and Friday October 19th but will be closed on Saturday October 20th. 

Since the Université de Montréal is a francophone institution, the form is in french. To complete it select the option « Présentateur » if you are presenting a paper during the conference. If you are a student and you are presenting a paper, select the option « Étudiant ».

If you are not presenting a paper, select the option « Public ». The student rate is also available for student in the public. Please note that a student card may be necessary to access the events. 

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Since 2016, travelers entering Canada by air must obtain an electronic travel authorization issued by the Government of Canada. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to request this document when making your flight reservation. For more details, visit the Government of Canada’s official website at:


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